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Fundamentals of Astrology

By the grace of the Lord Sri Siddhivinayaka, this work, whose third enlarged edition is now offered to the learned public, has already found favour with both students and practitioners of this ancient science viz. Astrology, both in the East and West. To make the work more useful to readers, an Appendix on the Pancanga or Almanac, which is a necessary ingredient of the daily life of a cultured Indian like prayers, has been added to the text in this edition, which, I hope, will be appreciated as useful by discerning students of astrology. 

How to Judge A Horoscope (Volume 2)

In this book, I am not going to make a case for astrology. The introduction I have given to my Astrology for beginners and my Astrology and Modern Thought should be eye-openers to the greatest sceptic, that astrology is science and no superstition. It is an interplanetary or cosmic science that deals with the play of cosmic energy.

How to Judge A Horoscope (Volume One)

Prasna Marga is an exhaustive treatise on the various aspects of predictive astrology of immense practical utility. The work can be considered as of exceptional interest and value. The author, a Nambudari Brahmin of Kerala who wrote this book in 1650 A.D. was a renowned scholar and has culled valuable information from a number of ancient sources.


This is one of the best books on Predictive Astrology. It includes the essence of Parashar, Jaimini and many more masters. Four hundred and fifty Yogas of Bhavartha Ratnakar of Shri Ramanuja have been added to befit the title Phaldeepika: Bhavartha Bodhini. This English edition also includes many horoscopes, tables and a glossary of Sanskrit and Hindi words. The language is easy to understand and even the beginners after studying this book for a few months will be able to arrive at the right interpretations and timing of events.

Practical Astrology

In this book the author has introduced us to the world of astrology. He has described the planets and their

Predictive Astrology : An Insight

An attempt has been made in this book to clarify the Signs, Houses and Planets--the three basic factors which need to be understood clearly for developing successful predictive ability. This book is a manual of practical astrology designed to enable the reader to handle queries relating to various facets of everyday life successfully.

Solve Your Problems Astrologically

A unique publication on Hindu astrology which exposes everyday human problems like education, sex, marriage, job, finance, ill-health and death in the most revealing manner. If you have a problem, the book will dissolve it and disclose interesting features of your life. Those interested in practical side of yoga, meditation and rational approach to life will be taken to unprecedented heights of cosmic unfoldment.

Solve Your Problems Astrologically

A unique publication on Hindu astrology which exposes everyday human problems like education, sex, marriage, job, finance, ill-health and death


The real history of indian astronomy begins from the period of the Suryasiddhanta which is the only earliest full-fledged text on astronomy now extant. The copious work which India produced on the subject of astronomy in the later periods follows the system of the Suryasiddanta in all essential aspects.

The Study Of Palmistry

This book is must for anyone looking for a straightforward, comprehensive introduction to the ancient art of palmistry. This pratical

The Timing of Events

The Timing of Events fulfils an important gap in classical astrological literature. The ancient seers with yogic siddhis did not need rules for predicting future events. They clairvoyantly saw the future course of events. The astrological principles are given for those who are not so evolved. The astrological principles aim at helping those who are interested to live a life according to the evolutionary course of their everyday life.