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A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

After the Dictionary went to press, Professor Soothill died. The work on the Dictionary, however, was completed. For ten years we worked together, he at Oxford and I at Hartfold, and the manuscript  crossed the Atlantic four times. During his semester in New York as Visiting Professor in Columbia University and on my brief visit to Oxford, we had opportunity to consult together on some outstanding problems. The work of organizing the material and harmonizing the differences was done by Professor Soothill. He was well eequipped to undertake the task of producing a Buddhist Dictionary, having a thorough knowledge of the Chinese language.

Buddhahood Embodied

This book is written with three kinds of readers particularly in mind: (1) contemporary academic students and scholars who are


This book by a renowned Pali scholar is of great academic worth as it expounds the seminal ideas, key concepts and basic theories of Buddhist thought pertaining to dhamma and abhidhamma. It is a well thiught out work based on wide study and deep thinking of the concerned literature. It touches the kernel of Buddhist ethics and philosophy. According to Indian culture cosmic process and humanlife is teleological, purposive and goal-oriented.

Buddhism as / in Performance

Buddhism  as/in performance is a commendable piece of painstaking research, presented in a jargonless, compellingly readable style.It is certainly a

Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon

This work attempts to dispel many misconceptions about the origin and development of Buddhist thought and philosophical systems. The approach adopted by the author steers clear of the customary attempts which try to assess the measure in which Buddhism, in the course of its development, attains conceptions familiar in the modern thought

Dharma Moments

With sound advice about its relevence in todays busy world, Danai Chanchaochai places the wisdom of the Dharma at the

Hermeneutics and Tradition in the Samdhinirmocana-sutra

This study looks at the text from a number of perspectives, including several current methodological models, philological analyses, and historical consideration. The purpose of this approach is to provide a multi-faceted analysis of this complex work.

In Search of The Dharma

Memoirs of a Modern Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim. Edited with an Introduction by Chun-Fang Yu and Translated by Denis C. Mair.

Karma and the Rebirth of Consciousness

This book is the first volume of a series entitled Unveiling the Esoteric in Buddhism that aims to reform many

Liberating Intimacy

Liberating Intimacy dramatically reevaluates the teachings and practice of Ch’an Buddhism. Considering Buddha’s insight that everything is empty or absent

Music In The Sky

Music in the Sky offers a series of the Karmapa's profound teachings, an extensive selection of his poetry, and a detailed account of his life and flight from his homeland. The amazing teaching and writing skills evident in this work--particularly in light of the fact that the Karmapa is still only 17 years old--will captivate readers. Music in the Sky presents a definitive portrait of the Seventeenth Karmapa, strengthened and illuminated by an authoritative depiction of his place in one of the world's most revered lines of spiritual teachers.

Nidana Samyutta

The discourses presented in this book range around a single theme called Paticcasamuppada, the Theory of Cause and Effect. The purpose in proclaiming the doctrine is to liberate sentient beings from belief in atta, Self, Soul and Ego.