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Apastamba Sulbasutram

The present book is an endeavour of the author to make the scholars and students of antiquity acquainted with the geomatry of the fire altars, fire hearths, vedis, mandapas etc. The book is divided into twenty-one chepters. The sutras of Apastamba sulbasutra along with Hindi translation Jyamitika, English translation, geometrical figures and tables are incorporated in the book.  An elaborate introduction and four appendices (Units of Measurement, Index to words, Tecvhnical Terms, Index to sutras) are provided to enrich the present book.

Baudhayana Sulbasutram

The Baudhayana Sulbasutram by the ancient seer Baudhayana is a master piece of Hindu geometry of the fire altars, vedis, mandaps and fire hearths. It is the 30th chapter of the Baudhayana Sulbasutram of the 8th century BC. The present book is an endeavour to make the readers of ancient antiquity understand the concepts of geometry of sacrifices prevalant in the Vedic period. The book is divided into three chapters along with an introduction and four appendices.

Hindu Law In Its Sources (VOL-1)

The first four chapters deal with Procedure and Evidence. The interest of readers in these subjects will be purely academical,

Hindu Law In Its Sources (VOL-2)

All that is hoped by the writer of this book is that it will arouse the interest of some such

Maitrayaniya Sulbasutram

The Sulba alongwith Sanskrit commentary of Sankara, Hindi commentary  Sulbamitra, English translation and explanations,Geometrical figures is published. The author has clarified the meaning of the Sutras and given the rationale of the various formulae so that the purport of the Sulba is understood in the true perspective.

धर्मों और संस्कृतियों का संघर्ष

पंडित व्रज वल्लभ द्विवेदी जी का यह ग्रन्थ उनके चुने हुए निबंधों का एक संग्रह है. उनमें “धर्मों और संस्कृतियों