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An Introduction to the Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India

Many Books have been written on Brahmanism, or the official religion of the Hindus; but, as far as author is

Daily Practices of the Hindus

Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu’s Daily Practice of the Hindus describes in detail all the Vedic rites connected with the

Dancing With Siva

A richly illustrated sourcebook of Indian spirituality in question-and-answer form, exploring how to know the Divine, honour all creation nd see God everywhere, in everyone.

Darsan Seeing The Divine Image in India

The role of the visual image is essential to Hindu tradition and culture, but many attempts to understand India’s divine

Hindu Dharma

This book presents its core essentials and their implictions for the current times and differentiates it from other religious traditions. It focuses more on its timeless aspects independent of the ebb and flow of history. In addition, it emphasizes Dharma's implications for a life centered on deep and universal spiritual quest.

Hindu Samskaras

The Hindu Samskaras give expression to aspirations and ideals of the Hindus. They aim at securing the welfare of the performer and developing his personality. They go back to a hoary antiquity. The Vedas, the Brahmanas, the Grhyasutras, the Dharmasutras, the Smrtis and other treatises describe the rites, ceremonies and customs here and there but they do not present them in their historical evolution.


This book is mainly for the layman who would like to have an idea about Hinduism and the Indian way

How to Become a Hindu

A history-making manual, interreligious study and names list, with stories by Westerners who entered Hinduism and Hindus who deepened their faith.

In the Company of Gods

This volume contains twenty essays divided into four sections: folk religion, bhakti, history and law, and an epilogue that reflects on Sontheimer's thoughts on Hindu law, the constituents of Hinduism, his interest in folk bronzes, documentary film-making, and a poem by Dilip Chitre on Sontheimer.

Kumbha Mela

Kumbha Mela is about a unique spectacle of religious fervour — the Hindu bathing festival of a Kumbha, a religious

Philosophical Foundation of Hinduism

The books presents an understanding of the philosophical roots of Hinduism: the nature and meaning of Hinduism as revealed in

Poems to Siva

Composed by three poet-saints between the sixth and eight centuries A.D., the Tevaram Hymns are the primary scripture of Tamil Saivism, one of the first popular large-scale devotional movements within Hinduism. Indira Peterson eloquently renders into English a substantial portion of these hymns, which provide vivid and moving portraits of the images, myths, rites, and adoration of siva and which continue to be loved and sung by the millions of flowers of the Tamil Saiva tradition. Her introduction and annotations illuminate the work's literary, religious, and culture contexts, making this anthology a rich sourcebook for the study of the South Indian popular religion.