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An Introduction to the Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India

Many Books have been written on Brahmanism, or the official religion of the Hindus; but, as far as author is

Daily Practices of the Hindus

Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu’s Daily Practice of the Hindus describes in detail all the Vedic rites connected with the

Poems to Siva

Composed by three poet-saints between the sixth and eight centuries A.D., the Tevaram Hymns are the primary scripture of Tamil Saivism, one of the first popular large-scale devotional movements within Hinduism. Indira Peterson eloquently renders into English a substantial portion of these hymns, which provide vivid and moving portraits of the images, myths, rites, and adoration of siva and which continue to be loved and sung by the millions of flowers of the Tamil Saiva tradition. Her introduction and annotations illuminate the work's literary, religious, and culture contexts, making this anthology a rich sourcebook for the study of the South Indian popular religion.

Puja & Samskara

This book treats two representative Hindu rituals of contemporary India, Puja (offering service) and Samskara(initiation rituals at important occasions of

Sacred Hindu Symbols

Hinduism is not merely a religion but a way of life Hinduism. in its traverse of four thousand years, has

The Oracle of Rama

Oracles are always popular because we are all interested in our destiny and the meaning of our lives. Particularly we want to know the future, which is always mysterious and uncertain. The proliferation of various New Age oracles, the multiplicity of Tarot cards, and the enduring interest in the I Ching are modern proof of this.

The Power of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is an ancient bead known for its divinity, positive results on human mind and for good health. The subject is diverse and complex due to variety of opinions and different descriptions available in ancient epics as well as in some recent books. The Rudraksha is greatly respected and revered as Lord Shiva's tears the wearing of which will end sorrows and heal ailments.