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Jaina Philosophy of Language

Prof. Sagarmal Jain’s ‘Jaina Philosophy of Language’ is a pioneering work on Jaina Linguistic Philosophy. Prof. Jain in this monumental

Jaina Theory of Reality

This book is a most comprehensive study, dealing with the concepts, prevalent in all the Indian systems of thought, pertaining

Jainism Before 650 BCE

Ancient history of India reveals that there were two parallel traditions in India, viz. Vedic and Sramanic. The Sramana Tradition includes Jainism, Buddhism and others such as the Ajivikas and Ajnanas. Jain religious tradition is one of the oldest living religions of India. Historicity of 24th Tirthankara Mahavira in sixth century BCE is well established. The Jain records mention the name of 23 tirthankaras before Mahavira. Among them Parsvanatha was the 23rd and Neminatha was the 22nd.