Abhinaya Darpanam

Dance studies across genres require multiple approaches for an understanding of the sociological, phenomenological, political, cultural, philosophical and aesthetical practices that influences the dance's kinesthetic and existential character. In the context of Bharatanatyam, the moment of explaining shifting ideologies and its impact on the form, content and process, is a moment of convergence.

Natyasastra in the Modern World

This volume discusses in detail the divergent views on Natyasastra - its origin, concepts, philosophy, history, vrtti, impact on traditional stages, relevance in modern age and stage, and its applicability in post-modern stage. It also vividly talks about the interlinks between Natyasastra and the regional theatre forms with specific focus on south India. It therefore reinstates the fact that the regional theatric traditions have considerably contributed to the restructuring of Natyasastra texts.

Revealing the Art of Natyasastra

This book unveils the secret world of Indian classical theatre-the fundamental principles of sublime grace, stage presence, and effective communication of emotions. It analyzes the techniques of Centripetal Effect, Centre Point, and the Introspective Illusion that influence the presentation of plays. It also analyzes the secret of grace. Bharata Muni has given an unbelievably detailed study of the facial muscles and head movements. He orders What to do but not Why ?

The Natya Sastra of Bharatamuni

The Natya Shastra is incredibly wide in its scope. Primarily deals with stagecraft, it has come ti influence music, classical

The Natyasastra

The Natyasastra is probably one of the earliest and certainly one of the best treatises on Indian Dramaturgy. At the same time, the book available now is not an early one but may be as late as the seventh or eighth century AD. The authorship is traditionally ascribed to Bharata, the sage. The eminence of Natyasastra is not that it was the first book on the subject but that it was the first comprehensive treatise on Dance, Drama and Music.