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A Journey in the World of the Tantras

The past thirty years have witnessed dramatic developments in the study of agamic saivism in general. On the one hand

A Tantric Scholar and the British Wrath on Bastar State

Many talents of India were born during British ruling period in india,who had highlighted indian religion,culture & heritage to the

Abhinava (अभिनवा)

Studies in Memory of K.C. Pandey on His Centenary.

Abhinavagupta Tantraloka (5 Vols.) (PB)

It is the complete English translation of the 37 chapters of Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta with Sanskrit texts. Tantraloka means light

An Introduction to Tantric Philosophy

An Introduction to Tantric Philosophy presents, along with a critically revised Sanskrit text, the first annotated English translation of both

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Trika Saivism

The aim of this book is basically to introduce the reader to the fundamental principles that Trika philosophers have enunciated in their philosophical-cum-theological treatises. Such an approach has been adopted deliberately on account of the fact that Trika system of thought, which is very rich in philosophical vocabulary, is hardly known to general public in the manner of Advaita Vedanta of Samkara.

Awakening of Serpent Energy Through Tantra

In a unique cross-cultural event ‘Awakening of the Serpent Energy’ danseuse Beena Sharma opened a dialogue between her Kathak and

Dictionaries of Tantra Sastra

The Tantra literature of India, thought in most cases almost lost, is still the only source whence a knowledge of

From Early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism

This book deals with one of the most interesting periods in the development of Indian religious and philosophical traditions. Starting

Hymns to Kali

This Mantroddhara has been made following the authority of Kalika-sruti, Niruttara-Tantra and other Tantras. Many commentators, however, have apparently in the view of Vimalananda failed to consult the above authorities, and have thus fallen into errors and have given a different Mantroddhara.

Hymns to The Goddess

The Goddess (Devi) is the great Sakti. She is maya for of Her the maya which produces the samsara is. As Lord of maya, She is Mahamaya. Sakti or Devi is thus the Brahman revealed in its Mother aspect (srimata) as creatrix and nourisher of the worlds. Kali says of Herself in Yogini Tantra.