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A Journey in the World of the Tantras

The past thirty years have witnessed dramatic developments in the study of agamic saivism in general. On the one hand

A Tantric Scholar and the British Wrath on Bastar State

Many talents of India were born during British ruling period in india,who had highlighted indian religion,culture & heritage to the

An Introduction to Tantric Philosophy

An Introduction to Tantric Philosophy presents, along with a critically revised Sanskrit text, the first annotated English translation of both

Awakening of Serpent Energy Through Tantra

In a unique cross-cultural event ‘Awakening of the Serpent Energy’ danseuse Beena Sharma opened a dialogue between her Kathak and

Mahanirvana Tantram

The Mahanirvan Tantram is the most important of all the Tantram that are to be found now. It consists of


This book explicates the origin, nature, function, and significance of mantras within the bounds of the hindu tradition. It explores

Saivism in Philosophical Perspective

A Study of the Formative Concepts, Problems and Methods of Saiva Siddhanta.

Studies on The Tantras

Man has a natural tendency to enjoyment, and does not generally welcome renunciation. He finds it difficult to call upon the Lord in a pure and simple way, and instinctively hugs to his bosom some amount of impurity in the midst of purity. Even through renouncing lust and wealth, he would like to have a passing glimpse of them. Hence it is that we find that immediately after stating distinctly in his sacred books that the worship of the Divine Mother should be performed in the purest way possible, he also makes room fore some queer sensuous songs in them on the plea that these will be pleasing on the Goddess.


A complex body of religious practices that spread throughout the Hindu,Buddhist, and Jain traditions; a form of spirituality that seemingly combines sexuality, sensual pleasure ,and the full range of physical experience with the religious life - Tantra has played a central yet conflicted role in the Western imagination ever since the first ''discovery '' of Indian religions by European scholars. Always radical, always extremely other, Tantra has proved to be a key factor in the imagining of India. This book offers a critical account of how the phenomenon came to be.

Tantra Mantra Yantra

The Tantras can be both a fascinating and a frustrating study. There is a deliberate vagueness about them, and even

Tantra Vidya

This contains two dissertations on (1) Understanding Archaic Astronomy and (2) Parmenides and the Tantric Yoga. Of these the first