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Rgveda for the Layman

This book provides a complete view of the world's most ancient scripture, the Rgveda. Here each Vedic word, which at first sight appears crypti c and mysterious has been explained in lucid terms after analyzing it down to its root and sound, so that the real intention of the rsi who compiled the hymn is made clear.

The Central Philosophy of The Rgveda

Rgveda, a collection of hymns which are primarily prayers and praises addressed to various deities, is a religious/spritual classic which

The Concept of VAC in the Vedic Literature

The World Vac is derived from vac, to speak. But Vac for Vedic Indians was not merely speech.The Word carries

Vedic View of the Earth

The study employs contemporary scientific idiom to describe Vedic perception of the earth, its origin, shape, dimensions, constitution, movements, quakes/tremors,

Wisdom of The Ancient Seers

The Rig Veda is perhaps the oldest book in the world, dating back the dawn of history. It is the